Holiday road trip begins in Zagreb

Every year we take a trip around winter holidays, this year was no different.
After a lot (a lot) consideration & budgeting we decided to take a road trip! We packed our bags in a day, took a car from Maya’s parents (thank you, by the way) and started our Europe trip from Split (Croatia).
First stop ZAGREB – We took quick walk around Zagreb city center.
You may have seen our Zagreb video already?
We started at Kamenita vrata and climbed our way to Klovićevi dvori. On plateau Gradec you can find the most amazing view of city and Cathedral.
Walking around we ended up in front of St.Marko church, famous for it’s coat of arms of Zagreb and Croatia, Dalmatia & Slavonia kingdom.
Very close to church is Mestrović museum, so we decided to visit it. Entrance fee is approx. 3 EUR, which is very acceptable. His work is really impressive and worth of checking out.
Stroll down trough StrossMarte will get you to Tunnel Grič, just recently opened. There is no entrance fee.
Crazy SciFi glasses & mirrors, you see in video, are from Illusion museum, which is fun break from all the walking. There was no entrance fee, which was nice surprise.
We were lucky that Zagreb has the Best Christmas market in Europe, so there was so much activity after dark. We had time to visit main square, Zrinjevac & Tomislavac square (which also has Ice Park), but there is so much more to it.
Our next stop is Ljubljana, Slovenia!

Hope you will follow us on our adventure. For more photos & videos visit:
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