We want to go back to Bohinj!

Hello world! We are in Bohinj, Slovenia!
We drove from Ljubljana to Bohinj, which I about 80 kilometer (50 miles) and 1 hour drive. Don’t forget to buy Slovenia vinjete, it costs 15 EUR and it is valid for 7 days!

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We booked lovely, family owned, Hostel Pr’ Pristavc. It is right on a side of the road, towards Vogel mountain top. As we were coming late, by dark, this was priority for us. We didn’t want to drive around woods in dark. Second best thing about this hostel is that it is also the restaurant, therefore we didn’t have to search around village for food! Our host Marko, recommended Slovenian specialty plate: Kranjska sausage, white cabbage & roasted potato. It came hot on pan and it was so delicious!
Our room was simple (bed, closet, toilet and balcony), but good money value (approx. 40 EUR per room/night with breakfast included). Make sure you bring toiletries, as they have only hand soap & towels in bathroom.


We were recommended by friends to go to Waterfall Savica, but Marko (our host) advised us to skip it. It didn’t rain in a while, therefore there was almost no waterfall, just small drop. We immediately Instagram it and saw recent pictures of it – Marko was right, this wasn’t time to visit this waterfall! Ask your hosts to recommend you what to visit! Marko mentioned their high season is in spring, so that might be right time to visit Waterfall Savica.
Since we definitely wanted to see waterfall, Marko advised we should visit Waterfall Mostnica instead. This was right choice! The drop, the color, the river, the canyon – we loved it all!
Directions: drive to Stara Fuzina village and turn left before bridge – follow Mostinca waterfall sign (Not Mostnice naselje). When you start climbing the mountain road follow “Voje restaurant” (or Voje slap) sings. When you reach that restaurant – park there (it is allowed), since from there only residents can drive onward. It is about 30-40 minute walk to the Mostnica Waterfall. Path is circuit, so you can come back to your car different way (we liked that path better). It is lovely 1,30 hour walk. River has such a beautiful clear emerald color. On the path you can find river cascades and stone & wood bridges. Little houses in woods look like you stepped into fairy tale book.
From waterfall you can follow the path to the top, unfortunately, we didn’t have time for it.
In Stara Fužina, we stopped at the Bohinj lake. The peace and serenely is unbelievable. It was foggy, so it made it look magical. Apparently during spring/summer season you can swim, kayak & do rafting around Bohinj lake. We are thinking about trying that this year 🙂.
What you can do while in Bohinj, any time of the year, is go to Vogel mountain top with cable car. There are signs on the road, so you can easily find it and park right at the entrance (no fee). Return ticket per person costs 14 EUR. Triglav national park looks surreal from the top! It was foggy, so we saw fog levitating on the Bohinj lake. There wasn’t much snow (on DEC 27th), but there were 2 ski lanes open. We just walked around the top and goofed around, what you can see in VIDEO.
We made 20 minute stop at Bled Lake and city. It is touristic place than Bohinj. You can rent a boat and row around the lake. We saw lot of people doing that and having so much fun. When in Bled, we were told to try Kremšnita and so we did. It is nice local desert you can enjoy.
That is it from Slovenia, for now, our next stop is Vienna, Austria!
Follow us on our adventure!
Diano & Maya

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