I see dead people in Brno :)

Hello world!

We are in Brno, Czech Republic!

We drove from Vienna, Austria; which I about 135 kilometer (85 miles) and 2 hours.
Don’t forget to buy Czech vignette, it costs 17 EUR and it is valid for 10 days.
* Important tip: Czech R. doesn’t accept EUR. Be careful when exchanging money in Czech Republic! Some exchange offices have up to 30% service charge!!! Always ask before you start any currency conversion! Better to change money in your home country.


We started our Brno adventure in Spilberk Castle (Hrad Špilberk). The main Castle was closed, as most Castles in Czech Republic during the winter – make sure you check opening time online before you start your trip. Top Czech castles are closed till March or April. Luckily Tower and Prison museum in Spilberk were open for visitors (we visited in January).
Spilberk Tower gives you amazing 360 city view. Entrance fee is 2 EUR per person.
Spilberk Prison was quite experience and we would recommend it if you are visiting Brno. Entrance fee is 4 EUR per person. Before you enter, guides (they have English guides) give you little insight into Prison history, which is very terrifying.
From Castle we strolled down to the center of the city, it is very picturesque walk. We passed Denis Gardens and Obelisk and got in front of Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. You can climb up the Cathedral tower, entrance fee is 4 EUR per person.
Brno marked their attractions well, so from Cathedral, just follow the signs to Parnas fountain to get to this beautiful square. Close by, you will find Old Town Hall (Stara Radnice).
If you continue on Masarykova street you will end up at Liberty Square (Namesti Svobody) where you can find interesting Astronomical clock.
From Liberty Square take Rašinova street to St. James church. Under paved floor of St. James Church you will find Brno Ossuary (Kostnice sv. Jakuba). Entrance fee is 5 EUR per person. The second largest ossuary in Europe, wasn’t discovered until 2001 and contains 50,000 skeletons. It is very unique place, which shows high respect to dead.


We wanted to see as much as we can, so we only had late lunch/dinner in Starobrno Brewery. Brewery 10-15 minute walk from Liberty Square, in Castle Spilberk direction, down Pekarska street. Diano had “Beer ribs” and Maya “Grilled Losos” which both tasted amazing! We each tried 2 different type of Starobrno beer and total cost was 30 EUR! We definitely recommend this place.
Diano & Maya

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