Dubai Desert experience with Funtours

When in a desert city you must go and see some sand dunes. We contacted few agencies in Dubai and Funtours had the best response (you can find a lot of similar offers for dune bashing and dinner in desert). Funtours were client oriented (Frances was quick to respond and informative) and price was fair.


Sand dunes experience

They picked us with 4WDs in front of the hotel and we drove to the desert. Before entering desert, our driver, Zaki deflated tiers and for next 15 minutes we were dune bashing!! We sat in the back of our ride and let me tell you it is the best spot if you “like it rough”.

If you have more sensitive stomach, sit in front. Car had metal frame, we hold on to it so hard that our fists hurt. There are times you don’t see anything trough the window, from all sand bashing around. 

Such a crazy experience, we highly recommend!


We stopped for sunset photos on top of sand dune and were told to go out barefoot. Once our feet touched the sand we were in heaven. Sand was soft like baby powder! Thank you Zaki for the best ride, music, pictures and information’s! IMG_4199-1

Bedouin Camp

Later, we went to dinner camp, in desert. Camp looked like a Bedouin home, rugs were on the ground and we sat on cushions. Food was alright. We had falafels, shwarma, BBQ, salads, humus and tabbouleh. We smoked some shisha, took few photos dressed like Bedouins and Maya did henna painting on her hand; regular touristy stuff. It was all included in package, so why not?


But, the most amazing part of dinner was entertainment! Male dancers show was out of this world! Stay till end if you can! IMG_0803-1

We had amazing time in Dubai. Have you seen our “Top 10 list” in previous blog?

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