Earth Day celebration above Omiš

Hello world!

Our friend Pave invited us to the hiking event in Omiš, we didn’t ask much, just said YES! We have been to Omiš with Pave before (video below) and we always like coming back.

Mount hut Imber

Event was “hello to the spring” in honor of Earth Day and it was held on the Omiška Dinara mountain. Pave convinced us it is only 20 minute light walk, it wasn’t :). It is approximately 40 minute walk up, medium heavy. For Maya, who is out of shape, felt harder than that. But, however you rate level of incline, one thing is 100% true – it is worth it! Views from top of the mountain are breathtaking!

Climb starts from place Borak, above Omiš, and first stop was Mountain hut “Imber”.


Mountaineers from all different Croatian Mountaineering Association were there with their families; cooking beans, playing funny games, sharing a laugh and stories.


We didn’t plan to go all the way to the top “Kula“, but Jesena (Pave’s friend) convinced us that views are even better than what we’ve seen so far. How can you say no to that?

Was it worth it? Let us know in comments below 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Earth Day celebration above Omiš

  1. Hi! I wanna say a big warm thank you for your amazing inspiration! It goes deep inside❤🌞every single thing!! promise to continue your fantastic work🌼💕
    Big hug Erika🐞


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