Skiing weekend Kupres

Hello world!

Finally some real winter is here, so I went to nearest skiing mountain to ski. Every year I go skiing with my friend Tea. First year there was just us, two girls and skiing slopes. This year it was 11 people and we went with 3 cars! The more the merrier!


Diano is not a skier, so he stayed in Split and worked on our upcoming “Road Trip” plan. We are leaving on FEB 23rd and will update you on that very soon.

How to get from Split to Kupres?

Only 2 hour car ride from Split there is Kupres ski resort, in Bosnia & Herzegovina, with 13 km of slopes. We took Split – Trilj – Kamensko – Tomislavgrad – Šujica – Kupres route. You can find directions -> HERE.
When you approach Kupres, turn off main road towards AdriaSki Hotel below Čajuša mountain. You will find parking right below ski lifts. There you can par car, buy ski pass, rent an equipment or sign up for skiing school.

Price for adult ski pass is approx. 15 EUR (120 HRK or 30 KM), for children is approx. 12 EUR (90 HRK or 23 KM). Very budget friendly if you ask us.


Beside skiing and snowboarding you can go sledding, rent a ski motorcycle or just have a drink in numerous cafes located right next to the slopes.


If you follow our Instagram stories, you know that Tea and I got stuck on ski lift for 40 minutes, seriously considering to jump down from ski lift. It wasn’t scary, we were just cold and wanted to ski badly. You can see full story on our Instagram profile -> HERE.


If you are planing a 2 days weekend ski trip, there is one more ski mountain nearby, called Raduša. You can book accommodation close by and check out that slopes next day. We were surprised how budget friendly are house rents. We found house for 6 people, for 1 night, for 50 EUR in total. Unbelievable, right?


It feels like winter has just arrived, so I hope we might go skiing to Bosnia&Herzegovina again. I am not putting my skies in the basement just jet.

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