The most loyal city of Hungary

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Do you remember we are on our Winter Road Trip? We started with visiting Otavice, Drniš and Knin in Croatia, and now we are in Sopron, HUNGARY. Why, you ask? We are driving up to Bratislava with Avax rent a car and our followers on Instagram suggested some locations on the way, which we loved and added to our itinerary. This blog will explain why you should visit it too :).

Let’s start with some directions. We drove from Zagreb and decided to take road trough Hungary. Second option is that you drive trough Slovenia and Austria. However you decide to drive to Sopron, duration of this trip is approx. 4 hours, for both options.
Find directions -> HERE


Don’t forget you have to buy vignette for Slovenia and Hungary. You can buy Hungary vignette very easy online.
Otherwise, buy it right at the borders, they have cameras on the road everywhere!

SLOVENIA: 7 day vignette 2018                                                                             Price 15 EUR
HUNGARY: 10 day vignette 2018                                                                           Price 12 EUR

In Sopron we parked our car close to city center, on public car park. Parking fee is from 1-1,50 EUR per hour, which you can pay with cash, chipcard or mobile.
From there we walked towards Firewatch Tower and started our city exploration.


The Firewatch Tower is the symbol of Sopron. It dates from 13th century, when it was used as northern gate. In 17th century it served as watchtower, alerting the city about fires, invaders and, most importantly, wine caravans. Nowadays, it is the symbol of allegiance, in memory of referendum in 1921 when Sopron and eight neighboring villages expressed their wish to remain part of Hungary (instead of Austria). Our follower on Instagram @morciandszami said that is the reason they call it “the most loyal city of Hungary”.

Entrance fee to the top is approx. 4 EUR per person (adult). We climbed up 200 spiral stairs and exited to the most beautiful view of the city.


When you exit the Tower you will find yourself at Main Square. There we found Holy Trinity column, Storno House, City Hall and Goat Church (yes, goat). This Gothic church gets its unusual name from the legend that the church was built with goat herd treasure.


We walked along the Bailey Promenade and admired the houses and city walls. Sopron was for a long time a walled city, now there are only sections of the city’s old fortifications remains.


If you are hungry, there are few pubs, restaurants and shops. We weren’t, so we decided to go outside city. Couple of minutes drive and you should see lake Lake Neusiedl, apparently one of the warmest lakes in Europe.

We found Fertorakos Quarry and Cave Theater on Google Maps and decided to explore it. Unfortunately, it was closed. We took our Mavic pro to explore it for us. We were very disappointed it was closed, because it looks very interesting. Don’t you agree?


We continued our road trip to Esterházy castle. We tried village road and we totally recommend it! Nature is so unbelievable and peaceful.


Esterházy castle is a palace in Fertod sometimes called “The Hungarian Versailles“. It was built by Hungarian Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy. There is second family castle in Austria called Schloss Esterházy; so be careful when putting directions into Google maps, sometimes it sends you to Austrian castle.


We were completely alone, because it was closed. This is the biggest problem with our winter road trips. Most of things we want to see are either closed or completely under the snow. We are seriously considering going south to Greece for road trip 2019. What do you suggest?



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