Where to stay in Bratislava?

Hello world!

We are in Bratislava!! We drove from Sopron late at night and went strait to hotel, so let’s start with our accommodation before we stroll around the city.


We stayed at very chic “Boutique Apartments Possonium” which are located just a 10 minute walk from the old town. Possonium is actually 19th century family owned house, completely renovated into Apartments. Possonium has free parking spaces right in front of the entrance, where we left our Avax Suzuki for couple of days and enjoyed the comfort of our accommodation.

We had a chance to change rooms during our stay and we took it! So, first we got “Wine room”, which is obviously room dedicated to wines. Yes, each room is dedicated to a different drink.


Bathroom was modern and new, shared, just outside our room. Room was chic and cozy, with beds in upstairs gallery accessible by ladder. Beds were just two mattresses with linen, but very comfy.


Downstairs, we had couch where we’ve set up a little “laptop club”. We are far behind on our blogs and videos, so we had to work even during our Winter Road Trip. If you are planing to become a travel blogger, keep in mind it is not always play, there is a lot of work hidden behind the scenes. But, do start a travel blog, we love finding new inspiring people! Are you already travel blogger? Send us links to your blogs!

Ok, after some work, we decided to stay in, since it was cold winter night outside (-12 C). Lucky for us Possonium has underground bar! Perfect to warm up and meet new people!


Our second room was much bigger and dedicated to Vodka.
“Vodka room” has 4 beds, from which two of them also accessible by ladder :). Is it just me or it is so much fun to climb up to your bed?? Me, Tarzan.
In addition, this room also has a kitchen and private bathroom. It is a stylish place with all the comforts of home.


If you are coming to Bratislava, check out Boutique Apartments Possonium. We highly recommend it (and we are not paid to say this).

On May 1st they open Possonium Garden Bar! Make sure you find a chair for sipping juices in the garden in the center of Bratislava. They have couple of cats running around the garden, hope you won’t mind them 🙂


Ok, now let’s wake up and go to the city!
City attractions and where to eat are waiting for you in next blog, so don’t forget to follow, like and subscribe to stay on top of our Winter Road Trip!


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