Israeli adventure with Tourist Israel

Hello World, we are in Israel!

We flew from Budapest to Eilat, on Ryanair flight, to get some summer. Remember our Budapest blog? Europe was cold for too long, we had to fly away!

DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Eilat-1188257

Eilat is Israel’s the most southern city, where you can find beaches, coral reefs, dolphins, nightlife and desert landscapes. However, this wouldn’t be a full Israel trip if we didn’t went to see Jerusalem & Dead Sea.
So, we contacted few agencies and Tourist Israel had the best response! They were easy to talk to, client oriented and their prices were fair. We booked Dead Sea, Jerusalem & Bethlehem tour.

Tour starts very early, so don’t forget to set your alarms! Tourist Israel bus picked us up in front of the hotel, around 5:45 am. We drove north through the Arava Valley and our bus driver was the best! He was, very informative, describing all the places we were passing by. You cannot hear those kind of stories in the news or find it in any book.

Btw. can you see Lot’s Wife in picture below? Let your imagination run wild!

DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Dead Sea-1188037
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Dead Sea-1188027

First stop on our tour was the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth.  

Although its name implies otherwise, the Dead Sea is actually a lake with very high salinity. On the shores of the Dead Sea are white crystals of salt, covering everything! It’s unusual high salt concentration, also, means that people can easily float in the Dead Sea. So, we floated!

DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Dead Sea-


  • you will be on the private beach
  • there is a gift shop nearby
  • there are changing rooms and showers on the beach (and in a gift shop)


  • bring swimsuit, towel and shampoo
  • bring swimming shoes or slippers (remember, beach is made of salt)
  • remove all your jewlary
  • bring (or you can buy in a gift shop) Dead Sea Mud
  • apply Dead Sea Mud before swimming  and don’t apply it on your face!
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Dead Sea-1188041

Have you heard that the Dead Sea is shrinking? Scientists say that lake can only get smaller, but it won’t disappear entirely. Our driver told us that government has plans to reverse or stop this process, but (like in any country), environment comes before other decisions.

Why is Dead Sea so important, you ask?

Dead Sea black mud is known for improving skin natural progress, easing rheumatic pains and reducing stress, and the Dead Sea salt helps to treat a variety of skin diseases like psoriasis, cellulite, acne, etc. Because of all this, Dead Sea minerals are extensively used for making cosmetics. So, the Dead Sea has a huge healing and economic value. People from all around the world come to visit resorts in Israel (and Jordan) to heal. Both countries also export cosmetic products manufactured in the area. You can buy those cosmetics in a gift shop on the beach.

DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Dead Sea-1188072

Second stop, Jerusalem, the Holy City.

Our driver left us in the Old City with Robert, our tour guide. Honestly, Robert is the most comprehensive tour guide we ever had! We learned so much, in such a short time. Jerusalem is city with remarkable archaeological and historical sites, population from all around the globe and three thousand years of history. I am not going to act like I know everything about the sites we’ve visited, I am leaving that to Robert. Ask for him when you come to Jerusalem yourself. I am good at photography (at least I think I am), so let’s line up Jerusalem TOP attractions we saw on this tour.

  • The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
    Site where, Christians believe, Jesus Christ rose from the dead and was buried.
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1399
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1412
  • Muslim Quarter Market
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1419
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1395
  • The Western Wall
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1432
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1188181
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1442
  • Exploring Jerusalem streets
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1385
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1188114
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1435
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1387

Third, and last, stop of our trip was Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born.

Bethlehem is about 30 minutes drive from Jerusalem, but it is a Palestinian city located in the central West Bank, so we had to cross Palestinian border.


  • Bring your passport (we weren’t checked at the border, but it is an official border)
  • Don’t take photos of the border (like you shouldn’t on any border in the World)
  • Check out the Palestinian Wall graffiti art
  • you can pay in Israeli Shekel, but vendors are also accepting U.S. dollars and EURO
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1188216

In Bethlehem we visited the Church of the Nativity, which is controlled by three Christian denominations (Armenian, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic). The Grotto, site where Jesus was born, is under the church. The exact spot is marked with 14-point silver star. There are really long lines to see the star, so if you are not religious or just don’t care much about seeing the actual spot, skip going to the Grotto.

DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1451
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1454
DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1458

TRAVELER’S TIP for Jerusalem & Bethlehem

  • you can pay in Israeli Shekel, but vendors are also accepting U.S. dollars and EURO

With Bethlehem our Tourist Israel tour is, unfortunately, over. We went back to our bus and drove back to Eilat. It is a long drive back, but you will be tired from all day activities that you will easily fall a sleep. Bring a neck pillow with you!

Thank you Tourist Israel for experience that definitely enriched our lives. Israeli adventure is something we recommend everybody to put on your bucket lists.

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We staying for two more days in Eilat and than we are flying back to Europe! Any recommendation for us?



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