Where to stay in Cologne (Köln)?

Hello World!
We visited Cologne (Köln), Germany, in Fabruary and had the best time! It is the loveliest city but, like always, we are beginning our blogs with accommodation.

We were guests at “Koncept Hotel Zum Kostbaren Blut” for 2 nights. It is well designed, comfortable and cozy hotel in the center of Cologne. We literally saw the famous Cathedral from our room window. Beside being chic and well located, it is also a DIGITAL hotel! Let me explain.


This part is traditional. You find them online and book a stay, at your preferences. They have hotels in Cologne (Germany) and Wien (Austria). Once your booking is confirmed you will get an email from their fast and efficient staff where they explain check in process, because they don’t have a reception, or working staff in the hotel. Yes, you read it right, there is NO reception, so you use technology. They are digital hotel remember?


When you book the hotel you also need to download “Hotelbird” app with which you can check-in, check-out, pay and open the main door and your room.
It maybe sounds surreal, but it is that easy!
We arrived at the hotel entrance and with our app opened the main door. We just placed our phone up to the key reader and ta-da, the door is open. We did the same thing in front of our bedroom door and we were IN. That easy!
No waiting in the line at the reception desk, no faceless bored receptionists and you will never forget your room number or loose the key (well, unless you loose your phone, which we hope won’t happen).
If you have any problem or questions you can always reach the hotel staff via email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or similar.
Just in case if you are “old school”, you can also ask them for the regular key card 🙂


We got a double bedroom with private bathroom, small kitchen and the view of the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom). The room was so very well designed, we loved every detail in it, from the colorful wall paper over the bead and vinyl player.

If you have seen our Instagram stories, you know we played the vinyl every time we were in the room. For us, it is so much better than watching TV, which you also have in the room. And since everything is digital, you can connect on Netflix via Apple TV on your room app.

We also got our own sustainably produced laundry bag and found organic soap in the bathroom. We admire when businesses invest their time and money for better future. It is not easy to find products which are good for the environment and it is certainly not cheap. Respect!


As I already mentioned, couple of times, hotel is located in the center of Cologne old town, 1-5 min walk from Cathedral, bridge, Chocolate museum, main train station, shopping street and restaurant spots. So, basically 1-5 minute from everything you need 🙂


I usually don’t go into hotel names, but some of our Instagram followers, who speak German, noticed that the name of the hotel is “strange”. So, for you who don’t speak German let me elaborate: Zum Kostbaren Blut translates “of the Presious Blood”. Hotel was given that name because the building used to be home of the Sisters of “The order of the Precious Blood”. This Sister Order worked in Cologne after the WWII, when city was destroyed and know criminal hotspot. This is also the reason you can find little shrines on each floor of the hotel building, as a memory of their good deeds in city’s time of need.

If you like “Koncept Hotel Zum Kostbaren Blut” story and philosophy, you can find them here:
Facebook: koncepthotels & zumkostbarenblut
Instagram: koncepthotels & zumkostbarenblut

In our next blog -> “Top things to see in Cologne”. Talk to you then 🙂
In the meantime:


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