Where to stay in London?

Hello World!
If you have been following our Instagram, you know we visited London, UK. If you have Instagram account, you can follow our adventures here -> @dianomaya. Look for the London stories in “Highlights“!
This blog is loooong overdue, so let’s not procrastinate any more and go strait to it.

In London, we were hosted by the “St Christopher’s At The Village Hostel in London Bridge“, a very chic, in the center of the city, party hostel. I think that description says it all. Let’s start with what we think is their best quality -> location!


London is huge, so it is very hard to define center, but if you are here for London’s top tourist locations, St Christopher’s Hostel is situated literally in the center of the city! It is an easy walk to the Shard, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Tower Castle, Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Museum. If you plan to go anywhere else in the city, hostel is just 2 minutes walk from TWO tube stations (JUBILEE, NORTHERN).
Right in front of the hotel you also have a bus stop with couple of lines going around the city. There is a “London TUBE Map app” you can install to easily navigate around the city, or just use Google Maps, like we did. Find the location you want to go to and Google Maps will show you all transportation options to get there, with approximate time of arrival too.


Hotstel has 24/7 reception desk, which is always a plus. Staff spoken several languages, was polite and very helpful, however they’ve put us in the room on the third floor, next to the “chill out room”, which we didn’t appreciate. Let me elaborate. We knew we were coming to a party hostel, no problem there, let’s party! People are using chill out room” as a “hangout” at night, no problem there either, let’s meet new people. But the doors of that room were broken. So every time, night or day, someone would enter or leave “chill out room” the doors would do BANG! BANG! BANG! on our brain 🙂
To conclude, if they say 3rd floor room, make sure it is not close to the “chill out room”, try to switch rooms right there on the reception desk. If I remember right, we got the room no. 311. which we advise to avoid.


Now, let’s get back to the good stuff. The room itself was tiny, but pretty great. We got a private double bunk room, with our own bathroom. We had all amenities we needed in the bathroom: shower gel, towels and hair dryer; and in bedroom: coffee and tea bags, with cups. Right next to our beds we had several electricity plug ins, which is always needed, if you are travel blogger and Instagramer, like us. Keep in mind to bring UK outlet adapter.
On the third floor, we also found an terrace with the most wonderful Shard view.


Last night of our stay we moved to Japanese-style capsule beds. YES! Firstly, a capsule bed!! We saw those on several YouTube videos and always wondered what would be like to sleep in one. Secondly, even though we shared the room with other 20-ish people, it was so quiet, in compare to our first “next to chill out room” room.
So, when you check in into “capsule bed” you get the room key, because it is a room. In that room there are maybe 20-30 capsule beds, lockers and toilets with showers. You get your bed number aka. your capsule equipped with UK outlets, USB ports, mood lights and curtains for privacy. You will also be assigned to a locker (same number as your bed), where you can put your luggage and valuable items. Padlocks are available for the lockers.
Inside the capsule, combination of the lights and comfortable beds rocked us to sleep immediately.
This was totally unique accommodation experience, perfect for 1 or 2 nights in the city. Only if you are claustrophobic you should skip it 🙂


It is always good to have something to eat at your accommodation to start your day on a full stomach. St Christopher’s Hostel has a breakfast included in their prices and it is located in the building basement. There you will find simple breakfast buffet with toast, ham & cheese, cereals, fruit, coffee, tea and juices to get you started. If that is not enough for you, there is a supermarket minute walk from the Hostel.


Since St Christopher’s Hostel is a “party hostel” they have a bar on the premises, called Belushi’s bar. Being a hostel guest will get you 25% discount on your food & drinks. Just show your key card before they issue the bill.
We were out in the city most of our days during our stay, so we didn’t get to try their food and apparently very tasty burgers, but we did enjoyed a beer during a hilarious karaoke night and coffee in the morning (which is much better than breakfast coffee). Bar has a “sport vibe” with “cage tables” where each table has it’s own TV. How cool is that?

All in all, if you are young (or feel that way) and want to have fun, St Christopher’s Hostel is a hostel for you. There is a party every night at the bar, you can save money on a transport (being that close to several city attractions) and meet so much cool people all around the world.
Besides London, St Christopher’s also has hostels around the Europe, like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Prague, Edinburgh and Bruges.

You can find them here:
Facebook: St Christopher’s London at the Village London Bridge
Instagram: St Christopher’s London

And for Shereen, from sales team, if you are reading this, thank you for everything, you are really the best!

I almost forgot! After a long time Diano found inspiration and made a short London video. Wohoooo! You can find it here:

In our next blog -> “Rabbie’s tour outside London“. Talk to you then 🙂


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Eilat, Israel’s resort city

Hello World!

We are in Israel! Some of you probably already know that from our last blog with Tourist Israel (BLOG).

DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Eilat-1481

We have chosen to have our “base” in Eilat, the most southern Israeli city, mostly because our Ryanair flight landed there. We didn’t know much about this city and what we’ve found out is that it is basically resort city on the Red Sea devoted to sun, fun, diving, nightlife and activities in it’s surrounding area. Being very close to Egypt and Jordan, there are several tours you can book from Eilat to Pyramids of Giza and Petra.

It is also a great base for exploring northern Israel. We booked Dead Sea, Jerusalem & Bethlehem tour.



It is the smallest airport we have ever landed in! Even though it is not allowed to take pictures, I managed to snap quick one with my phone :).

  • check if you need visa to enter Israel as a tourist
  • passport control will give you ENTRY CARD. They do not put stamps in your passports due to “stamp juggle” (several countries denying entry with Israel stamp). Entry card is an evidence of your legal entry into Israel and may be required, particularly at any crossing points into the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
    Keep it with your passport until you leave Isreal.
  • passport control will give you EXIT CARD. Keep it with you until you pass passport control in country you are traveling to.


  • take a bus to the city! Bus route No.282 will take you from Ovda airport to Eilat Main Bus Station, without intermediate stops! Price is approx. 10 EURO per person, for return ticket. You can buy a ticket from the driver (cash only, in Israeli nis.) or at Ovda airport, next to a baggage carousel at special point. City Transportation website is actually in English and you can even book it online.
  • don’t change money on the airport, unless you really need it. If you need it for a bus transfer to the city, then change only exact amount you need for bus ticket. There is “Exchange office” on Main Bus Station (final stop  of No.282 bus) with much better rate.


We’ve booked an apartment in the city, close to Main Bus Station and Eilat City Airport, since we wanted to get that “local feels”. However, like I said at the beginning, Eilat is resort city, so you can find numerous hotels on the Read Sea beaches.



Dolphin Beach

    • take a bus No.15 from Main Bus Station. It is 15 minute ride that costs approx. 3 EUR.
    • bring snorkeling gear, there is live Coral Reef underwater on Dolphin beach
    • bring a book, buy a drink at the bar and chill in the lounge located in wooden complex on the beach (you can also find food at the bar for a reasonable price)
    • swim with Dolphins at Dolphin Reef
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Eilat-1538
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Eilat-1520
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Eilat-1528
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Eilat-1532
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Eilat-1494
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Eilat-1188283

    2. Explore the Underwater Marine Observatory

    3. Visit Timna Park

    4. Try a new water-sport: windsurfing, kite surfing, water skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, and parasailing. Wohooo!

    5. Relax on the Eilat Beaches

    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Eilat-1188257

    6. Go shopping, Eilat is a tax-free zone! Eilat’s main shopping area is around the Ocean Mall shopping center and along Eilat’s Promenade.

    7. Explore the Main promenade! There you will find stylish restaurants, clothing stores, cosmetics & gifts shops and so much more.


    8. Try the food!


    9. Try 24/7 Eilat bakery!


    10. Tag us in your pictures! If this blog helped you with your Eilat trip, tag @dianomaya in your pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

    See you next time from Amsterdam! Yes, we are flying back to Europe! Any recommendation for us?


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    Israeli adventure with Tourist Israel

    Hello World, we are in Israel!

    We flew from Budapest to Eilat, on Ryanair flight, to get some summer. Remember our Budapest blog? Europe was cold for too long, we had to fly away!

    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Eilat-1188257

    Eilat is Israel’s the most southern city, where you can find beaches, coral reefs, dolphins, nightlife and desert landscapes. However, this wouldn’t be a full Israel trip if we didn’t went to see Jerusalem & Dead Sea.
    So, we contacted few agencies and Tourist Israel had the best response! They were easy to talk to, client oriented and their prices were fair. We booked Dead Sea, Jerusalem & Bethlehem tour.

    Tour starts very early, so don’t forget to set your alarms! Tourist Israel bus picked us up in front of the hotel, around 5:45 am. We drove north through the Arava Valley and our bus driver was the best! He was, very informative, describing all the places we were passing by. You cannot hear those kind of stories in the news or find it in any book.

    Btw. can you see Lot’s Wife in picture below? Let your imagination run wild!

    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Dead Sea-1188037
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Dead Sea-1188027

    First stop on our tour was the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth.  

    Although its name implies otherwise, the Dead Sea is actually a lake with very high salinity. On the shores of the Dead Sea are white crystals of salt, covering everything! It’s unusual high salt concentration, also, means that people can easily float in the Dead Sea. So, we floated!


    • you will be on the private beach
    • there is a gift shop nearby
    • there are changing rooms and showers on the beach (and in a gift shop)


    • bring swimsuit, towel and shampoo
    • bring swimming shoes or slippers (remember, beach is made of salt)
    • remove all your jewlary
    • bring (or you can buy in a gift shop) Dead Sea Mud
    • apply Dead Sea Mud before swimming  and don’t apply it on your face!
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Dead Sea-1188041

    Have you heard that the Dead Sea is shrinking? Scientists say that lake can only get smaller, but it won’t disappear entirely. Our driver told us that government has plans to reverse or stop this process, but (like in any country), environment comes before other decisions.

    Why is Dead Sea so important, you ask?

    Dead Sea black mud is known for improving skin natural progress, easing rheumatic pains and reducing stress, and the Dead Sea salt helps to treat a variety of skin diseases like psoriasis, cellulite, acne, etc. Because of all this, Dead Sea minerals are extensively used for making cosmetics. So, the Dead Sea has a huge healing and economic value. People from all around the world come to visit resorts in Israel (and Jordan) to heal. Both countries also export cosmetic products manufactured in the area. You can buy those cosmetics in a gift shop on the beach.

    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel_Dead Sea-1188072

    Second stop, Jerusalem, the Holy City.

    Our driver left us in the Old City with Robert, our tour guide. Honestly, Robert is the most comprehensive tour guide we ever had! We learned so much, in such a short time. Jerusalem is city with remarkable archaeological and historical sites, population from all around the globe and three thousand years of history. I am not going to act like I know everything about the sites we’ve visited, I am leaving that to Robert. Ask for him when you come to Jerusalem yourself. I am good at photography (at least I think I am), so let’s line up Jerusalem TOP attractions we saw on this tour.

    • The Church of the Holy Sepulcher
      Site where, Christians believe, Jesus Christ rose from the dead and was buried.
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1399
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1412
    • Muslim Quarter Market
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1419
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1395
    • The Western Wall
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1432
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1188181
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1442
    • Exploring Jerusalem streets
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1385
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1188114
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1435
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1387

    Third, and last, stop of our trip was Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born.

    Bethlehem is about 30 minutes drive from Jerusalem, but it is a Palestinian city located in the central West Bank, so we had to cross Palestinian border.


    • Bring your passport (we weren’t checked at the border, but it is an official border)
    • Don’t take photos of the border (like you shouldn’t on any border in the World)
    • Check out the Palestinian Wall graffiti art
    • you can pay in Israeli Shekel, but vendors are also accepting U.S. dollars and EURO
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1188216

    In Bethlehem we visited the Church of the Nativity, which is controlled by three Christian denominations (Armenian, Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic). The Grotto, site where Jesus was born, is under the church. The exact spot is marked with 14-point silver star. There are really long lines to see the star, so if you are not religious or just don’t care much about seeing the actual spot, skip going to the Grotto.

    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1451
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1454
    DianoMaya_Tourist Israel-1458

    TRAVELER’S TIP for Jerusalem & Bethlehem

    • you can pay in Israeli Shekel, but vendors are also accepting U.S. dollars and EURO

    With Bethlehem our Tourist Israel tour is, unfortunately, over. We went back to our bus and drove back to Eilat. It is a long drive back, but you will be tired from all day activities that you will easily fall a sleep. Bring a neck pillow with you!

    Thank you Tourist Israel for experience that definitely enriched our lives. Israeli adventure is something we recommend everybody to put on your bucket lists.

    Follow Tourist Israel on Facebook -> HERE

    We staying for two more days in Eilat and than we are flying back to Europe! Any recommendation for us?


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    Where to stay in Budapest?

    Hello World!

    We are in Budapest again!!! We have had visited it before (Budapest 2016 blog) and it became one of our favorite European cities. This time we were more focused on where to stay than what to visit. But, don’t worry I will also write about Budapest TOP attractions in next blog. So, don’t forget to follow, like, etc., etc…

    If you have been following us on social media, you know we are on Winter Road Trip for a week already and we needed a good place where we can really rest.
    I remember, last time we were booking accommodation in Budapest, I spent days on the Internet, Booking.com & Airbnb, trying to figure out where to stay. We didn’t know, at the time, that Buda side is on hill, with very quiet & romantic vibe, and that Pest side is actually much closer to historic sites, restaurants, shopping areas and the nightlife. It was all very confusing, but now we know and you know!

    We needed “home away from home” so we reached out to Fraser Residence, one of the most famous aparthotels, in Budapest. Their hotel manager, Mr. Alain Goetschel, has kindly given us Two Bedroom Apartment, on 7th floor of the building. Before we start going into the details, let me tell you that this is the biggest apartment we ever stayed in!


    So, apartment is, like I said, very spacious and equipped with dining and kitchen areas. In the kitchen we found everything we needed: fridge, cooker, microwave, kettle, dishes and even a washing machine with washing liquid.
    We received welcome fruit platter, still & sparkling water and some juices from Alain, so we decided to sit down and refresh in the dining area first. Btw. that table can easily fit a group of six adults. 


    Living area has a home entertainment system, but we used it mostly for our “laptop club”. It is a perfect place to get some work done, if you are working remotely, as we do. Getting comfortable on the couch, editing videos while watching “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on TV, those were our goals!


    In our rooms we had comfy beds and plenty of storage space. I found bathrobes and slippers in our closet. I also found a safe box there, not like you need it, but some people feel safer to put their belongings in a safe place.


    We had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in our apartment. Apartment was definitely big enough for 6 adults. Each bathroom had it’s own bathtub and L’Occitane bathroom amenities (shower gel, body milk & shampoo and conditioner) replaced daily. We used only one bedroom, obviously, as we are a couple. However, decided to each have our own bathroom. My own private bathroom? I felt like super star!


    In apartment you can also find a washer and dryer machine, walk in closet, hairdryer, iron & ironing board and it has daily housekeeping service. Everything was so nice and clean! Every day, we would walk out on our balcony and enjoy the view from our 7th floor. Oh, I didn’t mention our apartment has a balcony? Yes, it does!


    Fraser Residence has 24/7 reception, hotel parking spaces and, let’s not forget, everyday breakfast. It is located very close to the Corvin Plaza and Mall, where you can find exchange office, to change your money into Hungarian Forint (you will need those) and find wide range of restaurants, from Hungarian Bistro and Burger & Hummus bar, to Sushi place.

    So, if you are looking for a luxury apartments, your “home away from home”, Fraser is the best choice! Let me just remind you that we are not paid to say this. We really had the best stay and enjoyed great hospitality in this aparthotel.


    Corvin Quarter, where Fraser is located, is a trendy area. However, to get to the old town you need to jump on a tram & train. To get to Chain Bridge, take Train M3, then switch to Tram 2 route, which offers a nice scenic ride around city’s top locations. Well…we will talk about that more in our next blog.


    In a meantime don’t forget to:


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    On the road with Avax again!

    Hello world!

    We are on the road again! We left our comfortable “Boutique Apartments Possonium”  and jumped into our Suzuki. 

    Ok, now that we got discounts out of the way, I can tell you where we are going 🙂
    We are going on 15 minute drive from Bratislava to Devin Castle, wohooo!


    Devin Castle is a castle in Devin, so obviously.

    It is up on hill that overviews Danube and Morava river. If you have been reading my blogs, you know I am fascinated by water, big water like rivers, seas and oceans. I have deep respect and admiration for big waters and in this place we have two big rivers crossing paths, amazing!
    Well, it also has huge Neolithic Castle on top, oldest one in Slovakia.


    Entrance fee for Devin Castle is 5 EUR and it takes you into the walls to the top. The castle stands just inside Slovak territory on the frontier between Slovakia and Austria. How crazy is that? We could actually see fields of Austria from the top.

    The second thing, very much worth of seeing in Devin, is a public path along the river bank. There are several hikes and bikes trails around the castle. We were there in a beginning of March, so river Morava was throwing in huge chunks of ice into Danube. River shore, in some places, looks like it could be beach during the summer, though.


    There are few restaurants in Devin, so if you have time try fine Slovak cuisine. We didn’t have time. We spent all day walking around Devin castle, it was cold, so there was just a two of us wandering around. We completely lost the track of time, that eventually, it was our time to leave, not to eat.


    We are driving to Budapest and can’t wait to see it again. Remember, we were there in 2016, it was our first blog ever!! Check it out -> HERE.

    Also, don’t forget to:


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    Where to stay in Bratislava?

    Hello world!

    We are in Bratislava!! We drove from Sopron late at night and went strait to hotel, so let’s start with our accommodation before we stroll around the city.


    We stayed at very chic “Boutique Apartments Possonium” which are located just a 10 minute walk from the old town. Possonium is actually 19th century family owned house, completely renovated into Apartments. Possonium has free parking spaces right in front of the entrance, where we left our Avax Suzuki for couple of days and enjoyed the comfort of our accommodation.

    We had a chance to change rooms during our stay and we took it! So, first we got “Wine room”, which is obviously room dedicated to wines. Yes, each room is dedicated to a different drink.


    Bathroom was modern and new, shared, just outside our room. Room was chic and cozy, with beds in upstairs gallery accessible by ladder. Beds were just two mattresses with linen, but very comfy.


    Downstairs, we had couch where we’ve set up a little “laptop club”. We are far behind on our blogs and videos, so we had to work even during our Winter Road Trip. If you are planing to become a travel blogger, keep in mind it is not always play, there is a lot of work hidden behind the scenes. But, do start a travel blog, we love finding new inspiring people! Are you already travel blogger? Send us links to your blogs!

    Ok, after some work, we decided to stay in, since it was cold winter night outside (-12 C). Lucky for us Possonium has underground bar! Perfect to warm up and meet new people!


    Our second room was much bigger and dedicated to Vodka.
    “Vodka room” has 4 beds, from which two of them also accessible by ladder :). Is it just me or it is so much fun to climb up to your bed?? Me, Tarzan.
    In addition, this room also has a kitchen and private bathroom. It is a stylish place with all the comforts of home.


    If you are coming to Bratislava, check out Boutique Apartments Possonium. We highly recommend it (and we are not paid to say this).

    On May 1st they open Possonium Garden Bar! Make sure you find a chair for sipping juices in the garden in the center of Bratislava. They have couple of cats running around the garden, hope you won’t mind them 🙂


    Ok, now let’s wake up and go to the city!
    City attractions and where to eat are waiting for you in next blog, so don’t forget to follow, like and subscribe to stay on top of our Winter Road Trip!


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    The most loyal city of Hungary

    Hello World,

    Do you remember we are on our Winter Road Trip? We started with visiting Otavice, Drniš and Knin in Croatia, and now we are in Sopron, HUNGARY. Why, you ask? We are driving up to Bratislava with Avax rent a car and our followers on Instagram suggested some locations on the way, which we loved and added to our itinerary. This blog will explain why you should visit it too :).

    Let’s start with some directions. We drove from Zagreb and decided to take road trough Hungary. Second option is that you drive trough Slovenia and Austria. However you decide to drive to Sopron, duration of this trip is approx. 4 hours, for both options.
    Find directions -> HERE


    Don’t forget you have to buy vignette for Slovenia and Hungary. You can buy Hungary vignette very easy online.
    Otherwise, buy it right at the borders, they have cameras on the road everywhere!

    SLOVENIA: 7 day vignette 2018                                                                             Price 15 EUR
    HUNGARY: 10 day vignette 2018                                                                           Price 12 EUR

    In Sopron we parked our car close to city center, on public car park. Parking fee is from 1-1,50 EUR per hour, which you can pay with cash, chipcard or mobile.
    From there we walked towards Firewatch Tower and started our city exploration.


    The Firewatch Tower is the symbol of Sopron. It dates from 13th century, when it was used as northern gate. In 17th century it served as watchtower, alerting the city about fires, invaders and, most importantly, wine caravans. Nowadays, it is the symbol of allegiance, in memory of referendum in 1921 when Sopron and eight neighboring villages expressed their wish to remain part of Hungary (instead of Austria). Our follower on Instagram @morciandszami said that is the reason they call it “the most loyal city of Hungary”.

    Entrance fee to the top is approx. 4 EUR per person (adult). We climbed up 200 spiral stairs and exited to the most beautiful view of the city.


    When you exit the Tower you will find yourself at Main Square. There we found Holy Trinity column, Storno House, City Hall and Goat Church (yes, goat). This Gothic church gets its unusual name from the legend that the church was built with goat herd treasure.


    We walked along the Bailey Promenade and admired the houses and city walls. Sopron was for a long time a walled city, now there are only sections of the city’s old fortifications remains.


    If you are hungry, there are few pubs, restaurants and shops. We weren’t, so we decided to go outside city. Couple of minutes drive and you should see lake Lake Neusiedl, apparently one of the warmest lakes in Europe.

    We found Fertorakos Quarry and Cave Theater on Google Maps and decided to explore it. Unfortunately, it was closed. We took our Mavic pro to explore it for us. We were very disappointed it was closed, because it looks very interesting. Don’t you agree?


    We continued our road trip to Esterházy castle. We tried village road and we totally recommend it! Nature is so unbelievable and peaceful.


    Esterházy castle is a palace in Fertod sometimes called “The Hungarian Versailles“. It was built by Hungarian Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy. There is second family castle in Austria called Schloss Esterházy; so be careful when putting directions into Google maps, sometimes it sends you to Austrian castle.


    We were completely alone, because it was closed. This is the biggest problem with our winter road trips. Most of things we want to see are either closed or completely under the snow. We are seriously considering going south to Greece for road trip 2019. What do you suggest?


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    Road Trip Drniš & Knin

    Hello World,

    We have been announcing our road trip on Instagram for a while and now it is finally here! This is our road trip plan: Split – Otavice – Drniš – Knin – Zagreb – Sopron – Bratislava – Budapest (from which we are flying to Izrael for 4 days) – Varaždin – Split.
    Does it sound good?

    So, we started our journey in Split, Croatia. Avax rent a car agency in Split had kindly given us their newest Suzuki Swift, which passed only 20 kilometers. Their only motto is to provide quality service at a  competitive price and they lived up to our expectation. Their staff was amazing upon pick up and we managed to get discount for you guys!


    Ivan Meštrović Mausoleum

    As planned, our first stop was Otavice village or to be exact Ivan Meštrović Mausoleum. If you didn’t know, Meštrović was renowned sculptor, painter and architect of the 20th century. His work is exhibited around European and American museums & galleries, including the Vatican. I read that his art is compared to art of Michelangelo. If you are art geek, Google for more information :). Anyhow, Meštrović is buried in his childhood home in Otavice, in this Mausoleum, which he built for his family. If I understood right (please, correct me if I am wrong) Mausoleum is also the church of the Most Holy Redeemer, which makes it great  mixture of memorial, artistic and sacred.

    Find directions to get to Mausoleum-> HERE



    Next stop is only 10 minutes from Otavice, in a village called Drniš. Above the canyon of Čikola river firmly stands the Gradina fortress. It is not only historically important, but it also offers breathtaking views of the city, canyon, fields and river. See for yourself!

    Find directions -> HERE


    Knin city

    Afterwards, we drove to Knin fortress, apparently the second largest fortress in Europe located in Knin city. We parked our Avax Suzuki right in front of the entrance. The gate of the Fort was open and there was nobody at the ticket office, is it possible that the entrance is free? I don’t think so, because I remember that I paid entrance ticket before, when I was there with my friend Marina back in 2006. So, if you decide to go, prepare some cash with you, just in case somebody decides to open ticket office :).

    Directions to Knin fortress -> HERE


    Krcic waterfall

    We were completely alone, walking around and having fun exploring different watch towers. The wind was so strong that day that it almost blew me from the fortress walls while I was taking photos. From the Fort you can see entire Knin city at the palm of your hand, on one side, and Krka river on the other side. Keep your eyes open, because from the Fort you can also see Krcic waterfall, our next and final destination of this week.

    Directions to Krčić waterfall-> HERE


    We parked our car next to small bridge and walked to the waterfall. Krčić is a mighty waterfall with a single drop of 22m. I remember seeing on Instagram people taking pictures right below the waterfall, on wooden bridge, and we planned to do the same.  It was super windy, so waterfall looked very misty. We thought it would be fun to walk from one side of that bridge to the other, right below the waterfall. It was, fun and WET! We were completely washed by Krčić. I can’t wait to show you our video guys! Diano will edit the footage as soon as we come back to Croatia (in 2 weeks) and we will share it on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Don’t forget to turn post notifications ON, so you can get a notification every time we post a photo or video on our pages.


    From Knin we drove strait to Zagreb and spent a night at our friends house. Trips up north are always fun because we get to see our friends who live in Croatian capital. This time we won’t be exploring Zagreb, we are just passing trough. Our story will continue next week from Sopron, Hungary.

    Hope our journey will help you plan your road trip or at least day trip in Dalmatia inland. If you liked this story, don’t forget to:


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    Hello world!!

    We are working again, that means sitting home on our laptops, planing and editing. Until we plan our new adventure we are bringing you our

    TOP 5 visited blog posts!

    These are YOUR favorite posts of all time:

    1. Wellness and Spa Weekend

    We visited Villa Magdalena, in Krapinske toplice, perfect place for relaxation, wellness and amazing gourmet experience. We know two couples that visited Villa after seeing our blog post, are you planing to visit soon? Tell us in comments if you are interested and we will try to get you a discount :).
    Read more about our Wellness and Spa Weekend: https://goo.gl/XyW71Q

    2. How many lakes do you have Imotski?

    We visited town of Imotski, hidden deep in the Dalmatian inland. Picturesque little town on a hill with, not one, but two most impressive lakes, Blue and Red.
    Read more about our visit here: https://goo.gl/RB2Jjw

    3. Behind the business meeting in Vis

    Maya‘s family has a house on island Vis, so we look for any excuse to visit island. This time we were there on business, but we managed to film some behind the scenes for you.

    Read more about our visit here: https://goo.gl/Fg6xRq

    4. Senko’s konoba, island Vis food paradise

    We were invited by Senko Karuza, the best Croatian short-story writer, to his konoba (type of Dalmatian restaurant) in little town by the sea, Mala Travna (Mola Trovna, as locals call it). Senko is not only the best writer, he is also artist in kitchen.

    Read more about our visit here: https://goo.gl/SLQqV7

    5. Autumn on Hvar island, Croatia

    Maya visited HVAR island with her girls and Diano stayed in our Split home editing Frode Borge videos.
    Read more about our visit here: https://goo.gl/CdNbUe

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    TOP things to do in STOBREC

    Hello world!


    Recently, we have been posting few pictures from Stobrec on our Instagram page (are you following us jet? -> DianoMaya) and our followers keep asking us what are best things to do in Stobrec. Finally, we have some time to name TOP 5:


    Camp “Camping Stobreč Split” is in green oasis, surrounded on two sides by the sea and on the third side by Žrnovnica river mouth. Besides chic and cozy bungalows, they have “Horus” restaurant and few beach bars. You can find sun chairs and parasols to rent, under which you can enjoy sipping interesting cocktails and listening good music. Beach, also, offers may activities, which are on our list too :).


    PINNIDAE EXPLORING – Mediterranean pen shell

    In Stobrec, you can find family of Mediterranean pen shell. Take your snorkeling gear and explore underwater! Just be aware, they are protected species and fine for harvesting is 400 EUR (3.000 HRK).


    Visit old Christian basilica, remains of an antique fortification wall and walk down riva promenada.


    There are many restaurants with traditional Dalmatian cuisine and we highly recommend “Konoba Nikola”.

    See you again soon and don’t forget to:

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