Zagreb is still the best Christmas Market in Europe

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As some of you might know, we are based in Split and it’s the most beautiful town in the world, however, it doesn’t do winter festivities very (any) good. Lucky for us 5 hour bus drive takes us to Zagreb Christmas Market, which has won “The best Christmas Market in Europe” three times in a row (2017,2016,2015). We believe it would have won again this year, but the rules are you cannot win 4 times in a row. Once you’ve seen Zagreb, nothing can compare, not even Strasbourg Christmas Market which we saw last year and it is one of the top 10.
Zagreb simply wins in Christmas. 🎄🎄🎄

I wrote about our TOP 10 locations last year and they haven’t changed much. If I start writing, I would name most of the same locations, but the crazy thing is they have completely different set up, but are still incredible!

Let me show you 2018 vs 2017 pictures!

2018 Plato Gradec

Advent in Klovicevi dvori

2017 Plato Gradec

2018 Caffe de Matoš

Caffe de Matoš, Zagreb

2017 Caffe de Matoš

2018 Marićev passage

2017 Marićev passage

2018 Fuliranje

2017 Fuliranje

2018 Zrinjevac park

Zrinjevac, Zagreb

2017 Zrinjevac park

I’ve also vlogged last year, so you can watch the video, if anyone has time for that :).

I think you can see the upgrade, not only in Zagreb locations but also in our photography style. Who know what 2019 has prepared for us! I am thinking about writing 2019 wish-list blog, so stay tuned for one more blog before New Year. The easiest way to know when is uploaded and live, is if you subscribe to our blogs 🙂 Also, don’t forget to:



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The Best Christmas Market in Europe

Hello world!

We were in Zagreb, visiting friends, family and the Best Christmas Market in Europe.

It was raining most of the time we were there so this will be short overview – let’s call it “our top 10 places to visit in Zagreb Advent”.

1. Caffe de Matoš

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166108
Caffe de Matoš is located on Strossmayer’s Promenade in Gornji Grad (Up town), with simple theme – love. So many special little “love” details can be found all around. Talk a walk with your “better half” and remember “What happens in Zagreb, stays in Zagreb” 🙂

2. Marićev passage

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166057
One more new part of Zagreb Christmas Market is “Marićev prolaz”. It is decorated with white twigs and twinkling lamps creating a magical fairy tale tunnel. It was still under construction when we were there, we are sure it is more magical now.

3. Advent in Klovićevi

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166085
The best view of the city is definitely Advent in Klovićevi dvori on the Gradec plateu. It offers gastro experience and free concerts; who doesn’t want those?

4. Tesla – Mind from the future

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166231In Meštrović Pavilion you can find amazing exhibition “Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future”. It was a great hideout from rain, but also unique audio-visual  experience. Don’t miss: room with Tesla’s “brain-computer interface” device. That device changes color and sound, depending on your brain activity. Diano had green color (creativity & relaxation), I had red (full brain activity), what was yours?

5. Tunnel Grič

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166167
I promised I will find some fun facts about this tunnel, so here it goes…
It was built in World War II to serve as bomb shelter. The tunnel was renovated and opened to the public in 2016, as a tourist attraction. During Advent in Zagreb it shows old Zagreb Up Town street, from Charles Dickens era. Honestly, it reminded us of Strasbourg (BLOG). You can enter Grič Tunnel from Mesnička, Ilica and Radićeva street.

6. Fuliranje

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166037This is a name of a popular Advent gathering, which moved this year to Strossmayer square. We were very hungry once we got there, so we dived into innovative food it offer. Diano tried “street sarma” (stuffed rolled cabbage leaves in bread), I got “fritula” (basically apple pie with pudding). Of course, we poured mulled wine on top of all 🙂

7. Zrinjevac park

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166047Zrinjevac is one more place to stop by for food and drink, but also handcrafts and souvenirs.

8. Main square Market

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166066
In front of Johann Franck club, every year, they set up another Advent place where you can find food & drinks. Main square offers entertainment program for children during the day and free concerts for evening program. Behind Johann Franck building you will walk into Advent on Europski square, which is much smaller this year.

9. Tomislavac Ice park

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1155949The Ice Park on King Tomislav square is apparently the biggest ice rink in this part of Europe. Definitely wish we had more time and better weather to try it!

10. Advent na Strossu

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166109

We hope our journey will help you plan your trip to Zagreb. It would be great if you can share this with your friends, so more people can learn about Zagreb Advent.

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