Dubai Desert experience with Funtours

When in a desert city you must go and see some sand dunes. We contacted few agencies in Dubai and Funtours had the best response (you can find a lot of similar offers for dune bashing and dinner in desert). Funtours were client oriented (Frances was quick to respond and informative) and price was fair.


Sand dunes experience

They picked us with 4WDs in front of the hotel and we drove to the desert. Before entering desert, our driver, Zaki deflated tiers and for next 15 minutes we were dune bashing!! We sat in the back of our ride and let me tell you it is the best spot if you “like it rough”.

If you have more sensitive stomach, sit in front. Car had metal frame, we hold on to it so hard that our fists hurt. There are times you don’t see anything trough the window, from all sand bashing around. 

Such a crazy experience, we highly recommend!


We stopped for sunset photos on top of sand dune and were told to go out barefoot. Once our feet touched the sand we were in heaven. Sand was soft like baby powder! Thank you Zaki for the best ride, music, pictures and information’s! IMG_4199-1

Bedouin Camp

Later, we went to dinner camp, in desert. Camp looked like a Bedouin home, rugs were on the ground and we sat on cushions. Food was alright. We had falafels, shwarma, BBQ, salads, humus and tabbouleh. We smoked some shisha, took few photos dressed like Bedouins and Maya did henna painting on her hand; regular touristy stuff. It was all included in package, so why not?


But, the most amazing part of dinner was entertainment! Male dancers show was out of this world! Stay till end if you can! IMG_0803-1

We had amazing time in Dubai. Have you seen our “Top 10 list” in previous blog?

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Dubai Top 10 things to do

Hello world! We visited Dubai!


How to start this story? Well…Dubai has the world’s tallest building, hotel and residential building, the largest mall in the world, the world’s largest aquarium and the second largest man made marina on Earth. Oh, it also has beach, desert safaris, sky dive, amusement parks, indoor ski resort and many more things. Do we even need to explain why we chosen to travel there?

Unfortunately, we stayed only for 3 days and didn’t get to experience it all. Still, we enjoyed Dubai to the fullest and picked our

Top 10 things to do in Dubai:

1. Dubai Desert Safari with dinner


We will give you full insight to our Dubai desert Safari adventure in our next blog! Make sure you FOLLOW US, so you don’t miss it 🙂

2. Burj Khalifa – “At the top”


We love seeing cities from the highest point and in Dubai we saw it from the highest building on Earth – Burj Khalifa.

Building is 828m tall and has open deck on the 124th floor. Ticket fees start at 125AED (approx. 35 EUR). Tickets are cheaper if you pre-book online. You can also go higher to the 148th floor, to the world’s highest observation deck, but it will cost you extra, 350AED (approx. 90 EUR).

3. Atlantis Waterpark and Palm Island

Thrilling high-speed water slides, river rapids, pools and beach equals full day fun. The best is that we show you this experience trough video:

TIP: pre-book your tickets online (saves money) and buy ticket with lunch menu included (cheaper then buying on site). Travel light (swimsuit and GoPro) and bring your own towel. There are lockers you can rent out, for a certain fee.

4. Dubai Fountain

Fountain is designed by the Bellagio people from Las Vegas and it is second largest choreographed fountain system in the world. Yes, again something the greatest!

Each night, from 6 pm, every half an hour Dubai Fountain makes 5 minute choreography followed by song and colorful lights. You will never see the same show twice! Here you can see our show (VIDEO). Show is free and you can enter it from Dubai Mall. Come earlier to pick a seat or you can have a drink at one of the restaurants on the lake where the show is located.

5. Dubai Marina

In Dubai marina, you can take stroll on lovely promenade and find coffee shops and restaurants with unreal skyscraper skyline view. It was definitely our favorite place to hang out in the evening. Follow sweet-smelling smoke in the air and you will find a shisha bar! Shisha is a water pipe used to smoke tobacco, now you get herbal flavor, such as apple, orange or strawberry. We found nice coffee shop, had something to eat, drink, smoked shisha and watched sunset over marina. It sounds perfect, right?


6. Jumeirah beach and Burj Al Arab

Dubai has fabulous sandy beaches, Jumeirah is just one of those. You can easily access it with a car. Our Hotel had shuttle bus riding to the beach every 30 minutes, so check with your accommodation if they have similar complimentary service. Jumeriah beach is nice place for afternoon chill on crystal white sand, getting the perfect tan by turquoise blue water. Like all beach destinations, there are lot of water sports to choose from, such as Fly board (number 7 on our list), jet ski, kite surfing and diving.

From Jumeirah beach, you can also easily walk to the Burj Al Arab, stunning hotel with curved glass facade. We know it from Roger Federer and Andre Agassi tennis match. Wouldn’t you like to play tennis match 200 meters above the ground? We wouldn’t, but you get the picture why this hotel is so amazing?


7. Fly board Dubai

This is something you can find nowadays anywhere in the world and we suggest you try it at least once in your life. Friendly advice, wear shorts and shirt, rather than swimsuit. Water is so powerful that it literally takes you pants off!

8. Old town & Dubai Creek

Dubai is a new “modern” city and it is advertised as that. However, they also have city’s historic district in Bastakiya Quarter with busy creek, spice market, gold market and few historical landmarks (Jumeirah Mosque, Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum). There, you can see what the city looked like before all developments. We suggest bargaining when visiting the souks in Dubai.

TIP: Take waterbus along the Dubai Creek (price per ride/person is 2 AED or 0,5 EUR) . It’s a great affordable way to explore the old part of town.IMG_3957

9. Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall has it all! Aquarium, skating rink, waterfalls and top brand clothing shops where you can get lost for the day even if you aren’t interested in buying anything!

TIP: pick up a map of the Mall! Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains entrances are in Dubai Mall, so combine those 3 in a day tour.

10. Boxpark district

We found this district on first day, by accident. We didn’t find it in tour guides and it should be. It is funky place along Al Wasl Road, home to boutique fashion outlets, cinema, restaurants and coffee shops. But, mind blowing thing is that entire area is constructed out of warehouse and shipping containers!! How cool is that?IMG_0488

Well, all good things come to an end. Hope our experience can help you to enjoy more! Let us know in comments if you found this blog useful for your trip to Dubai.

In next blog we give you Dubai Desert Safari!

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