TOP 5 attractions in Cologne (Köln)

Hello world!
We are in Cologne (Köln), Germany! We didn’t have time to explore it all, so this time we are breaking down only TOP 5 attractions in this 2,000 year old city.

1. Cologne Cathedral

Grand Gothic cathedral with twin spires is  the “face” of Cologne city and also the most visited landmark in Germany, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 1996.
We cannot decide if it is more glorious from outside or inside?

2. Groß St. Martin

Second part of Cologne skyline is the tower of “The great St.Martin’s church”. We loved how the church merged with colorful Cologne old town houses. It is the most perfect Instagram location. We only wish we had more sun there. So, if you are looking for a perfect photo location, plan better than us :).

3. Hohenzollern Bridge

It is a pedestrian and rail bridge that connects Cologne Cathedral with Rheinboulevard. On the walking path to the other side you will find “love padlocks” on the bridge fences. If you are in love and into things like this, buy the padlock, write your names and throw away the key into the river Rhein so your love can last forever.
From the other side of the bridge, on Rheinboulevard, you will get the most perfect view of the city, a specially in sunset. Get a beer (wine, juice, water, whatever you prefer) and chill on the boulevard steps while enjoying the most glorious sunset.

4. KölnTriangle skyscraper

This is a second sunset spot, but also observation deck. Top floor offers the panoramic view of the city, including the Cathedral.
Entrance fee is 3€ per person and you can find working hours on their website.

5. Museums 

Cologne has over 30 museums and we, unfortunately, didn’t have time to see any. The top of our wish list is Chocolate Museum, but if you plan to visit Cologne you can also explore: Museum Ludwig, Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Fondation Corboud, Romano-Germanic Museum, Museum of Applied Art design, Museum Schnütgen and Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum.

The main reason why we didn’t have any museum time is shopping and food, which is also the big part of this lovely city.

We got the feeling like shopping and shoppers are everywhere in this city! This could easily be the most popular activity for tourists. I’ve found that the most popular shopping streets are Schildergasse and Hohe Straße, but you can also have a peak in Ehrenstraße and Mittelstraße.

Food is the second tourist activity and you should definitely indulge in gourmet food that city offers, sweet and sour.

To conclude, we are most definitely coming back to this city. With open mind (to visit some museums) with empty bags (to do more shopping) and empty stomach (to try more local food). Who is with us?



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The Best Christmas Market in Europe

Hello world!

We were in Zagreb, visiting friends, family and the Best Christmas Market in Europe.

It was raining most of the time we were there so this will be short overview – let’s call it “our top 10 places to visit in Zagreb Advent”.

1. Caffe de Matoš

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166108
Caffe de Matoš is located on Strossmayer’s Promenade in Gornji Grad (Up town), with simple theme – love. So many special little “love” details can be found all around. Talk a walk with your “better half” and remember “What happens in Zagreb, stays in Zagreb” 🙂

2. Marićev passage

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166057
One more new part of Zagreb Christmas Market is “Marićev prolaz”. It is decorated with white twigs and twinkling lamps creating a magical fairy tale tunnel. It was still under construction when we were there, we are sure it is more magical now.

3. Advent in Klovićevi

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166085
The best view of the city is definitely Advent in Klovićevi dvori on the Gradec plateu. It offers gastro experience and free concerts; who doesn’t want those?

4. Tesla – Mind from the future

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166231In Meštrović Pavilion you can find amazing exhibition “Nikola Tesla – Mind from the Future”. It was a great hideout from rain, but also unique audio-visual  experience. Don’t miss: room with Tesla’s “brain-computer interface” device. That device changes color and sound, depending on your brain activity. Diano had green color (creativity & relaxation), I had red (full brain activity), what was yours?

5. Tunnel Grič

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166167
I promised I will find some fun facts about this tunnel, so here it goes…
It was built in World War II to serve as bomb shelter. The tunnel was renovated and opened to the public in 2016, as a tourist attraction. During Advent in Zagreb it shows old Zagreb Up Town street, from Charles Dickens era. Honestly, it reminded us of Strasbourg (BLOG). You can enter Grič Tunnel from Mesnička, Ilica and Radićeva street.

6. Fuliranje

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166037This is a name of a popular Advent gathering, which moved this year to Strossmayer square. We were very hungry once we got there, so we dived into innovative food it offer. Diano tried “street sarma” (stuffed rolled cabbage leaves in bread), I got “fritula” (basically apple pie with pudding). Of course, we poured mulled wine on top of all 🙂

7. Zrinjevac park

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166047Zrinjevac is one more place to stop by for food and drink, but also handcrafts and souvenirs.

8. Main square Market

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166066
In front of Johann Franck club, every year, they set up another Advent place where you can find food & drinks. Main square offers entertainment program for children during the day and free concerts for evening program. Behind Johann Franck building you will walk into Advent on Europski square, which is much smaller this year.

9. Tomislavac Ice park

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1155949The Ice Park on King Tomislav square is apparently the biggest ice rink in this part of Europe. Definitely wish we had more time and better weather to try it!

10. Advent na Strossu

Zagreb Advent_DianoMaya-1166109

We hope our journey will help you plan your trip to Zagreb. It would be great if you can share this with your friends, so more people can learn about Zagreb Advent.

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What to do in Strasbourg?

Hello world, we are in Strasbourg!


HOW WE ARRIVED to Strasbourg?

Direct SNCF train from Stuttgart Main train station.
Price: 75 EUR per person / return ticket
Duration: 1:20 hour

Find out more about our Stuttgart trip here: STUTTGART

WHERE TO STAY in Strasbourg?

We were guests at Diano’s cousin Boris. He is a player for “Team Strasbourg” water polo club, so he lives there during the year. Special thanks goes to Boris, his team mates & their better half’s, for making us feel welcome!


If you decide to go to Strasbourg and, unfortunately, you don’t know Boris, you can book your accommodation trough any booking platform.

WHAT TO VISIT in Strasbourg?













You should also check out: Place Kleber, Parc de l’Orangerie, Krutenau district, The Cathedral of our Lady of Strasbourg and many other churches.


Trams and buses was our choice, because Strasbourg has great tram network. You can get tickets from a vending machine at major tram and bus stops.

One ride ticket is 1.70 EUR
24H ticket is 4.30 EUR
24H TRIO (for 3 people) is 6.80 EUR

Validate your tickets before getting on board!



Escargot (classic French pastry with raisin) & Chouquettes for breakfast

Flammekueche, a traditional Alsatian specialty with thin pastry (like pizza) and different toppings.

Baeckoeffe, sort of Alsatian casserole.

Choucroutecabbage with sausages and pork.

If you got this far – THANK YOU FOR READING 💓

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Behind the business meeting in Vis

Hello world!

We are back in VIS island, CROATIA! Maya‘s family has a house there, so we look for any excuse to visit island. This time we were there on business, but we managed to film some behind the scenes for you.

We took Jadrolinija ferry from Split. Return ticket fee is approx. 15 EUR. You can find seasonal prices on their website.

City of Vis

Ferry docks in Vis city ferry port and the entrance in the bay is always magnificent! If you are not in a hurry, stay on ferry deck and watch city from bird view.


Žena Glava

Maya’s father and his brother have house in middle of the island, in little village named Zena Glava (eng. Woman Head)

We love coming to Zena Glava, enjoying life in a peace and quiet. In winter times we come to harvest olive trees Maya’s father, Nikša, has planted there. We dream about the day when we will have something beautiful as Nikša’s Olive garden.

Komiža city

When we are with Nikša, we always go to Komiža. This time, we took quick detour at place called “The red rock’s”(Crvene stijene), right above Komiža city. This place contains more than a dozen trails up for free climbers. It also hides one of many Tito’s tunnels. Vis has always been of significant strategic importance for World War II leader Tito, that’s is why he built tunnels and bases all around the island.

When in Komiža we always take a walk down the riva promenade. One picture you can count 100% you will catch, is local elderly siting at benches by the sea.

Vis island_dianomaya2-8601
Vis island_dianomaya2-8600
Vis island_dianomaya2-8605

We always, but always, have a drink at Speed bar. We are there so much that we actually met the owner :).

If you are looking for good place to eat, KONOBA BARBA, has our highest recommendation.

Vis island_dianomaya2-8622
Vis island_dianomaya2-8629
Vis island_dianomaya2-8633

Tell us your island experience! Have you visited island Vis before? What are your impressions of the island?

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Robinson style vacation on Drvenik Mali

Hello World!

We are in Drvenik Mali, tiny island near Trogir. Our friends Maja and Milan have been posting their summer pictures on Instagram (make sure you follow them -> @majaimore) and gave us serious wanderlust! So, we invited ourselves :).

How to get to Drvenik Mali?

We drove from Split to Trogir and parked our car there. There are free parking places in the city (if you have time and patience to look for it), but you can also leave your car on paid Public parking, near Jadrolinija ticket office. Maja and Milan have a car on island, so we didn’t have to go with ours. However, you can take car on board the ferry to Drvenik Mali, but then you have to embark in ferry port Seget Donji (not Trogir). The boat departs from the Trogir and Seget Donji waterfront to Drvenik Mali and back to Trogir every day.

So, we took Jadrolinija ferry in Trogir and enjoyed smooth sail to Drvenik Mali. Keep in mind, ferry’s first stop is Drvenik Veli, you go out on second stop.


Island has no paved roads and there is not much to do there; but it has beaches from your dreams! Maja & Milan studio house has no TV, internet or electricity, but has outdoor fireplace and two happy people!


Vela Rina bay

Their house is in Vela Rina bay, well hidden beautiful sandy beach in the of middle Dalmatia. So, all you have to do in the morning is take your beach towel, swimsuit & flipflops (well, camera too, if you are photography freak, like us) and stroll down to the beach.

Drvenik mali_dianomaya-7711

We still can’t decide if, in Vela Rina, sunrises or sunsets are better? What did you like better? Tell us in comments and make sure you likeshare and don’t forget to:




Wellness and Spa Weekend

Hello world!

We are in Krapinske toplice!! We are visiting perfect place for relaxation, wellness and amazing gourmet experience, Villa Magdalena.

Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9157

How to get from Split to Villa Magdalena?

We took A1 highway from Split and had 5 hour drive to Croatian Zagorje. Krapinske Toplice are just 45 km from Zagreb.

Villa Magdalena has 6 apartments and 18 double rooms. Our room was simply wonderful and bed was super comfortable! Room had balcony with view of mountain Medvednica and hydro massage bathtub, in the living room, with chromo therapy and spring thermal water. Mindblowing!

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9108
Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9128
Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9137
Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9170

On Villa’s top floor is a wellness oasis with heated indoor pool, whirlpool, saunas, showers, heating seats, balcony with deck chairs and a gym.

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9320
Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9295
Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9279

Hotel also offers massages and we gladly booked 4, well 2 each :). Our review is simple: Book as many massages as you can afford! Getting a massage, with calm and relaxing music in background you can easily free yourself from everyday stress, refresh your body and find a moment for yourself.


Last, but not least, Hotel restaurant was real gastro experience. Their professional, young, staff was flawless. We had half board; breakfast and dinner included in our accommodation price. We booked Wellness romance package, but you can choose from several other packages they offer.

Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9470
Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9206
Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya2-9215
Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya2-9221
Krapinske toplice_Villa Magdalena_dianomaya-9473

We are back next Monday with new island experience.

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