Road Trip Drniš & Knin

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We have been announcing our road trip on Instagram for a while and now it is finally here! This is our road trip plan: Split – Otavice – Drniš – Knin – Zagreb – Sopron – Bratislava – Budapest (from which we are flying to Izrael for 4 days) – Varaždin – Split.
Does it sound good?

So, we started our journey in Split, Croatia. Avax rent a car agency in Split had kindly given us their newest Suzuki Swift, which passed only 20 kilometers. Their only motto is to provide quality service at a  competitive price and they lived up to our expectation. Their staff was amazing upon pick up and we managed to get discount for you guys!


Ivan Meštrović Mausoleum

As planned, our first stop was Otavice village or to be exact Ivan Meštrović Mausoleum. If you didn’t know, Meštrović was renowned sculptor, painter and architect of the 20th century. His work is exhibited around European and American museums & galleries, including the Vatican. I read that his art is compared to art of Michelangelo. If you are art geek, Google for more information :). Anyhow, Meštrović is buried in his childhood home in Otavice, in this Mausoleum, which he built for his family. If I understood right (please, correct me if I am wrong) Mausoleum is also the church of the Most Holy Redeemer, which makes it great  mixture of memorial, artistic and sacred.

Find directions to get to Mausoleum-> HERE



Next stop is only 10 minutes from Otavice, in a village called Drniš. Above the canyon of Čikola river firmly stands the Gradina fortress. It is not only historically important, but it also offers breathtaking views of the city, canyon, fields and river. See for yourself!

Find directions -> HERE


Knin city

Afterwards, we drove to Knin fortress, apparently the second largest fortress in Europe located in Knin city. We parked our Avax Suzuki right in front of the entrance. The gate of the Fort was open and there was nobody at the ticket office, is it possible that the entrance is free? I don’t think so, because I remember that I paid entrance ticket before, when I was there with my friend Marina back in 2006. So, if you decide to go, prepare some cash with you, just in case somebody decides to open ticket office :).

Directions to Knin fortress -> HERE


Krcic waterfall

We were completely alone, walking around and having fun exploring different watch towers. The wind was so strong that day that it almost blew me from the fortress walls while I was taking photos. From the Fort you can see entire Knin city at the palm of your hand, on one side, and Krka river on the other side. Keep your eyes open, because from the Fort you can also see Krcic waterfall, our next and final destination of this week.

Directions to Krčić waterfall-> HERE


We parked our car next to small bridge and walked to the waterfall. Krčić is a mighty waterfall with a single drop of 22m. I remember seeing on Instagram people taking pictures right below the waterfall, on wooden bridge, and we planned to do the same.  It was super windy, so waterfall looked very misty. We thought it would be fun to walk from one side of that bridge to the other, right below the waterfall. It was, fun and WET! We were completely washed by Krčić. I can’t wait to show you our video guys! Diano will edit the footage as soon as we come back to Croatia (in 2 weeks) and we will share it on our YouTube and Facebook pages. Don’t forget to turn post notifications ON, so you can get a notification every time we post a photo or video on our pages.


From Knin we drove strait to Zagreb and spent a night at our friends house. Trips up north are always fun because we get to see our friends who live in Croatian capital. This time we won’t be exploring Zagreb, we are just passing trough. Our story will continue next week from Sopron, Hungary.

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