Kako pronaći najjeftiniju kartu?

Tko ima 2 tjedna godišnjeg odmora? Tko ima slobodnog vremena za tražiti najpovoljnije karte? Ti? Onda je ovaj blog za tebe!

Upravo smo se vratili sa Kariba. Pratite blog da bi saznali kako smo se proveli, danas ste tu iz drugog razloga.
Pokazati ću vam step by step kako pronalazim karte i to one (meni) najjeftinije. Prati slike kako bi ti tekst bio jasniji.

Korak 1 do najjeftinije karte


Uvijek nekako krenem od njega, a ima ih još, sličnih. Nekada njih koristim. Nekada koristim i agancije za avio karte. Možda vam to objasnim u nekom drugom blogu, ako bude potražnje za ovakvom vrstom teksta.

Zračna luka polaska: SPLIT
Destinacija: EVERYWHERE

Korak 2 odaberi najjeftinije

Odaberem destinaciju koja mi se sviđa. Uzmimo na primjer Njemačku, Stuttgart i Berlin. Bili smo u oba grada, pa uzimamo Berlin. Iz Berlina kreću zanimljivi letovi, a tamo mi i živi prijateljica, it’s a no brainer.
Inače, iz Splita se jeftino leti za mnoge Njemačke gradove. Blogove iz Stuttgarta, Berlina i Kelna možete pronaći tako da u ovoj rečenici kliknete na ime grada koji planirate posjetiti. Inspirirajte se!

Korak 3 odaberi datum polaska

Odabri datuma polaska. Kocka je rekla April. Pa to miriše na proljeće u Europi. Prva karta bukirana Split – Berlin 04.04.2020. 261 KN

Ostali bi par dana u gradu, naravno. Uvijek te lijepo vidjeti Berlineru!
U Berlinu smo 5 noći.

Korak 4 idi dalje

Sada iz Berlina idemo dalje. Prvi jeftini, zanimljivi let u travnju je…

Ovo je težak izbor.
Nekoliko zemalja nismo posjetili, neke bi voljela vidjeti ponvo.

Pala je odluka na Cipar. Jasminka iz Putopisa i Domagoj Sever su nedavno posjetili Cipar i pričaju samo najbolje. Karta Berlin – Cipar 09.04. 499 KN.

U Cipru smo od 09.04.-13.04., 4 noćenja.

Korak 5 vraćaj se nazad

Sa Cipra idemo dalje za London, jer moramo se vratiti nazad u Europu. Ova je karta nešto skuplja. Moglo bi se 3 puta jeftinije ići preko Grčke, ali mi volimo Lonodn. Jednom smo čak pričali o preseljenju tamo. Dodatni bonus je što tamo živi Dianova rodica i moja prijateljica. Naši su drugovi biseri rasuti po cijelom svijetu. Letimo 13.04., karta bukirana za 708 KN.

U Londonu ostajemo 5 noćenja. Manje od 5 dana za London je malo.
Kada tražite smještaj u Londonu ja bi gledala nešto u između Tower i London Bridge, ako idete prvi put. Mi smo centar vidjeli nekoliko puta. Možda ovaj put bukiramo Nothing Hill, četvrt koja je preslatka, više domaća i budemo malo izvan grada. Okolica Londona je prekrasna. Izlet u Cotswold’s Villages možete pročitati OVDJE.

Korak 6 vrati se doma

Valjalo bi se vratit doma. Uzimamo direktni let za Split. Može se ić u Zadar, pa busom doma. Ali na kraju vam dođe na isto. Ne treba se svugdje štedit.
London -> Split 18.04. Cijena 328 KN

Ovako to izgleda zapravo:
* Split – Berlin 04.04. 261 KN – Berlin 5 noćenja
* Berlin – Cipar 09.04. 499 KN Cipar 4 noćenja
* Cipar – London 13.04. 708 KN – London 5 noćenja
* London – Split 18.04. 328 KN
Platili biste sve karte (uključena ručna prtljaga i takse), 1.796 KN.

P.s. Ove karte nismo bukirali. Plod su fikcije i služile su samo kao primjer. Svaka sličnost sa stvarnim događajima i osobama je slučajna.
Ukoliko netko želi sponzorirati ove karte, slobodno nam se javite. Plaćeni radimo još bolje :).

Do sljedećeg čitanja, javi nam se u inbox sa potpitanjima, znam da ih imaš.

Tour from London with Rabbie’s

Hello World!

We are in London, the capital of England, and since it is not our first time here we know how to get a break from the busy city -> explore beautiful rural England!

First time when we were in London we visited Stonehenge and Bath and this time we were guests at Rabbie’s “Oxford & Traditional Cotswold Villages Tour”.
Of course, we covered entire tour on our Instagram stories, so go find highlights called “Rabbies England” -> @dianomaya.


Tour departs from London’s Greenline Coach Terminal, which is not hard to find. You can easily come to Victoria Station with 3 different tubes (Circle, Victoria and District). Directly behind Victoria Train Station and diagonally across from Victoria Coach Station you will find Greenline Coach Terminal. Rabbie’s departure stand is number 3.
Find directions -> HERE.

We got picked up from stand 3 by a lovely driver & guide in a Mercedes mini-coach. It was just a couple of us on a tour, so we each got our own seat. For us, the best thing in the Mercedes were USB ports next to each seat, where we charged our phones during the drive between villages. Every blogger dream 🙂

Our driver/guide told us many stories on our way out of the London and during our trip, things you can’t find in guidebooks. I could tell you a few, but where is the fun in that? The best is if you hear it and see it yourself. Experiencing first hand is everything!

There are many Cotswold Villages you can visit and our first stop was Burford, small medieval town with famous High Street.

In that street we found the cutest ancient houses turned into shops, restaurants and galleries. Even though houses and the streets are a tourist attraction, keep in mind that people still live and work there. We found the cutest house and I wanted to take a picture on it’s porch. Imagine my surprise (and shame) when a lady walked out the door! Luckily, she wasn’t mad, she just smiled. It is possible this happened to her more than once. 🙂
Pro TIP: be respectful!

We stopped for a tea & cake at Huffkins bakery and continued down the street to the Burford Church, Anglican church with eqsuisit courtyard by the Windrush river.

Our second Cotswold Village was Bibury, or should I say Shire, the inspiration for Tolkein’s books.

Arlington Row is a long line of beautiful stone cottages and the most photographed Cotswold scenery. Doesn’t Arlington Row look like the hobbits could live there?

Last, but not least on this tour we stopped at the Oxford city.

Diano was surprised with it’s size, because it is a really big city, which he didn’t expect. Another city where you can “get lost in the movie”, but this time Harry Potter movie. We had couple of hours there, so we decided to explore as much as we could. Our driver advised us to visit The Christ Church first, because it is the most popular location in the city.
Tickets are not included in your tour price. We paid entrance fee approx. 10 EUR per person (£9).

It’s Great Hall directly inspired J. K. Rowling’s Great Hall of Hogwarts. It really looks like you’ve stepped into the Harry Potter film.

We also advise you to visit University Church of St Mary the Virgin, the entrance to the Church is free, however there is a 5 EUR (£4) fee for entry to the church tower, which offers excellent panoramic views of the city.
You got to the top with a medieval spiral staircase. The tower terrace is sooo narrow, the narrowest we’ve ever seen, so that two people cannot go by.

From above you get to see Radcliffe Camera, historic library and the most iconic Oxford site.

Oxford is a place of many awesome museums, if you are museum kind of person don’t miss Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford Botanic Garden and Pitt Rivers Museum.

While walking around the city we found The Bridge of Sighs, many different colleges and the picturesque Oxford High Street, where we stopped for a quick lunch. A pub lunch and a beer is how we do it. Being very hungry we just sat down in the first one we found. If you have enough time explore many Oxford’s historic pubs: Eagle and Child (J.R.R Tolkien’s favorite), Lamb & Flag, The Turf Tavern or King’s Arms. Pub tour is always a good idea when in England.

That, unfortunately, brings us to the end of this tour. Should you wish to escape London for a day or two and experience England’s fresh air, beautiful landscapes, and quaint villages, like we did, you have to try it Rabbie’s Tour way.

Diano also made a short video of our Rabbie’s experience, which you can watch here:

Hope this blog will help you organize your trip to London or/and England. In our next blog I will try to cover -> “London TOP 10 or 20…or who knows”.
In the meantime:


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Where to stay in London?

Hello World!
If you have been following our Instagram, you know we visited London, UK. If you have Instagram account, you can follow our adventures here -> @dianomaya. Look for the London stories in “Highlights“!
This blog is loooong overdue, so let’s not procrastinate any more and go strait to it.

In London, we were hosted by the “St Christopher’s At The Village Hostel in London Bridge“, a very chic, in the center of the city, party hostel. I think that description says it all. Let’s start with what we think is their best quality -> location!


London is huge, so it is very hard to define center, but if you are here for London’s top tourist locations, St Christopher’s Hostel is situated literally in the center of the city! It is an easy walk to the Shard, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, Tower Castle, Shakespeare’s Globe and Tate Museum. If you plan to go anywhere else in the city, hostel is just 2 minutes walk from TWO tube stations (JUBILEE, NORTHERN).
Right in front of the hotel you also have a bus stop with couple of lines going around the city. There is a “London TUBE Map app” you can install to easily navigate around the city, or just use Google Maps, like we did. Find the location you want to go to and Google Maps will show you all transportation options to get there, with approximate time of arrival too.


Hotstel has 24/7 reception desk, which is always a plus. Staff spoken several languages, was polite and very helpful, however they’ve put us in the room on the third floor, next to the “chill out room”, which we didn’t appreciate. Let me elaborate. We knew we were coming to a party hostel, no problem there, let’s party! People are using chill out room” as a “hangout” at night, no problem there either, let’s meet new people. But the doors of that room were broken. So every time, night or day, someone would enter or leave “chill out room” the doors would do BANG! BANG! BANG! on our brain 🙂
To conclude, if they say 3rd floor room, make sure it is not close to the “chill out room”, try to switch rooms right there on the reception desk. If I remember right, we got the room no. 311. which we advise to avoid.


Now, let’s get back to the good stuff. The room itself was tiny, but pretty great. We got a private double bunk room, with our own bathroom. We had all amenities we needed in the bathroom: shower gel, towels and hair dryer; and in bedroom: coffee and tea bags, with cups. Right next to our beds we had several electricity plug ins, which is always needed, if you are travel blogger and Instagramer, like us. Keep in mind to bring UK outlet adapter.
On the third floor, we also found an terrace with the most wonderful Shard view.


Last night of our stay we moved to Japanese-style capsule beds. YES! Firstly, a capsule bed!! We saw those on several YouTube videos and always wondered what would be like to sleep in one. Secondly, even though we shared the room with other 20-ish people, it was so quiet, in compare to our first “next to chill out room” room.
So, when you check in into “capsule bed” you get the room key, because it is a room. In that room there are maybe 20-30 capsule beds, lockers and toilets with showers. You get your bed number aka. your capsule equipped with UK outlets, USB ports, mood lights and curtains for privacy. You will also be assigned to a locker (same number as your bed), where you can put your luggage and valuable items. Padlocks are available for the lockers.
Inside the capsule, combination of the lights and comfortable beds rocked us to sleep immediately.
This was totally unique accommodation experience, perfect for 1 or 2 nights in the city. Only if you are claustrophobic you should skip it 🙂


It is always good to have something to eat at your accommodation to start your day on a full stomach. St Christopher’s Hostel has a breakfast included in their prices and it is located in the building basement. There you will find simple breakfast buffet with toast, ham & cheese, cereals, fruit, coffee, tea and juices to get you started. If that is not enough for you, there is a supermarket minute walk from the Hostel.


Since St Christopher’s Hostel is a “party hostel” they have a bar on the premises, called Belushi’s bar. Being a hostel guest will get you 25% discount on your food & drinks. Just show your key card before they issue the bill.
We were out in the city most of our days during our stay, so we didn’t get to try their food and apparently very tasty burgers, but we did enjoyed a beer during a hilarious karaoke night and coffee in the morning (which is much better than breakfast coffee). Bar has a “sport vibe” with “cage tables” where each table has it’s own TV. How cool is that?

All in all, if you are young (or feel that way) and want to have fun, St Christopher’s Hostel is a hostel for you. There is a party every night at the bar, you can save money on a transport (being that close to several city attractions) and meet so much cool people all around the world.
Besides London, St Christopher’s also has hostels around the Europe, like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Prague, Edinburgh and Bruges.

You can find them here:
Facebook: St Christopher’s London at the Village London Bridge
Instagram: St Christopher’s London

And for Shereen, from sales team, if you are reading this, thank you for everything, you are really the best!

I almost forgot! After a long time Diano found inspiration and made a short London video. Wohoooo! You can find it here:

In our next blog -> “Rabbie’s tour outside London“. Talk to you then 🙂


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