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We are working again, that means sitting home on our laptops, planing and editing. Until we plan our new adventure we are bringing you our

TOP 5 visited blog posts!

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1. Wellness and Spa Weekend

We visited Villa Magdalena, in Krapinske toplice, perfect place for relaxation, wellness and amazing gourmet experience. We know two couples that visited Villa after seeing our blog post, are you planing to visit soon? Tell us in comments if you are interested and we will try to get you a discount :).
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2. How many lakes do you have Imotski?

We visited town of Imotski, hidden deep in the Dalmatian inland. Picturesque little town on a hill with, not one, but two most impressive lakes, Blue and Red.
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3. Behind the business meeting in Vis

Maya‘s family has a house on island Vis, so we look for any excuse to visit island. This time we were there on business, but we managed to film some behind the scenes for you.

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4. Senko’s konoba, island Vis food paradise

We were invited by Senko Karuza, the best Croatian short-story writer, to his konoba (type of Dalmatian restaurant) in little town by the sea, Mala Travna (Mola Trovna, as locals call it). Senko is not only the best writer, he is also artist in kitchen.

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5. Autumn on Hvar island, Croatia

Maya visited HVAR island with her girls and Diano stayed in our Split home editing Frode Borge videos.
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How many lakes do you have Imotski?

Hello world!

We visited town of Imotski, hidden deep in the Dalmatian inland and we need to tell you one fact…Imotski is mind blowing!! If you’ve seen our Instagram feed, you already know we are in love! Picturesque little town on a hill is home of, not one, but two most impressive lakes, Blue and Red.


We took a car from Split and hoped on A1 Croatian highway. You exit from A1 in Zagvozd and follow signs to Imotski. When you reach the city follow Glavinja donja (if you don’t see any other signs for Blue Lake). There is parking area right in front of Lakes panoramic spot.

You can visit both lakes from all sides and we encourage you to because the views are amazing! There is walking trail around the lake. Blue Lake is more approachable (you have trail leading from the parking spot right to the bottom) and it is very beautiful, but Red Lake you can see only from the cliff and it is crazy!! Good crazy :).

Blue Lake

Now…we googled some facts for you:

Blue Lake (Modro Jezero) is a karst lake with total depth of around 220 meters. Sinkhole is possibly formed by the collapse of an enormous underground cave. Lake water depth varies with season. It got its name from the color of the water, beautiful blue. When the lake dries out local soccer teams play soccer on it’s bottom. We visited in spring.


Red Lake

Just a few kilometers away stands the Red Lake (Crveno jezero), the deepest Karst lake in Europe and a 3rd largest sinkhole in the world. This depression is 528 m deep, whereby the depth of the water reaches up to 300 m, with the bottom under the sea level. It is known for its numerous caves and remarkably high cliffs. It gains its uniqueness from the color of the surrounding cliffs which are reddish brown in tone.


If you are nature lover we advice you to plan 2 day adventure and stay in Imotski at least one night.

Other than visiting these amazing lakes, charming town of Imotski, you can also visit the Topana fortress (on rock above Blue Lake), Green lake (Zeleno Jezero), Vrljika river, Galipovac Lake and breath taking Prlosko blato.


Because of its surroundings and the depth of the sinkhole, it is very difficult to throw a stone in the Red lake, so locals have legend that says if you can throw a stone in the Red Lake you will soon get married.

So, who wants to know if legend is true?

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