Verona is so much more than “Romeo & Juliet” city

Hello world!


We are in Verona, Italy!

We have to tell you right away, Verona is so much more than “Romeo & Juliet” city.

We summed up our Top 10 places to see:

  1. Teatro Romano & Arhological Museum
  2. Giardino Gusti
  3. Arena & Rathaus
  4. Castelvecchio
  5. Castel S. Pietro
  6. Ponte de la Pietra & Duomo
  7. Romeo and Juliet house & balcony
  8. Piazza delle Erbe
  9. Basilica of San Zeno
  10. Church Madonna di Campagna

IMG_1897-1If you have any questions on specific “Top 10” ask us in the comments, we would be happy to answer it. You can find our Verona video here: Verona.
Also note, we stayed in Airporthotel Verona Congress & Relax and would definitely recommend it, if you are traveling with car. They have parking, spa and breakfast included!

Next stop Cinque Terre, Italy.

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Diano & Maya

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5 thoughts on “Verona is so much more than “Romeo & Juliet” city

      1. Nice. 👌🏻We were with a group tour and couldn’t unfortunately, but I would love to go back and just get lost and discover things for a few days.


      2. Sometimes having flexible itinerary has it’s benefits. But in Firenze that was a problem (we didn’t buy museum tickets, so we missed it all). We are planing to visit Verona again in combination: Gardaland, Aqualand, Verona and Venice; as soon as we can 🙂

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