One day, two cities – Lucca & Pisa

Hello beautiful Tuscany!

We drove from Cinque Terre (Video) and slept 1 night in Lucca, in lovely Villa Cheli.
In one day we managed to visit both Pisa and Lucca, beautiful little Tuscany cities, with lot of culture, wine and very nice people.

LUCCA top 5:

1. Churches

City has numerous churches inside old city walls. Visit Duomo chatedral and St. Michael church.


2. Piazza Anfiteatro

Buildings are built in elliptical structure, as typical of Roman amphitheaters long ago. There you can find many local restaurants and cutest shops. IG picture.

3. Lucca’s 16 century Walls

Great way to start exploring Lucca is to walk along the old city walls.


4. The Guingi Tower

Climb up the tower where they have the roof garden!


5. Acquedotto del Nottolini

We had lovely morning in Lucca and decided to have lunch and quick walk in Pisa.


Apart from the tower, there is very little to see in Pisa and the main tourists attractions can be seen on foot under 2 hours.

Obviously, the main attraction is the leaning tower of Pisa. You can climb to the top for €18, we decided to skip it because of long line.


Walk around the streets of Pisa and hit the local market. You can also take great Instagram pictures along the river. IG pic here.

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