We are in color heaven! In love with Cinque Terre

Hello world!

We are in Cinque Terre, Italy!


We drove from Verona  and slept 1 night in La Spezia (Casa Margot).

We took a hop on/off train and explored for whole day. Although there are 5 (cinque = five) cities to visit, we only had time to see 4:

1. Monterosso

We got very exited that we arrived in Cinque Terre and spent almost 3 hours in Monterosso. It was begining of February, so trains didn’t go as often and this is the main reason why we didn’t have time to see all 5 cities.

Don’t miss Fegina beach, Il Gigante and old town.

2. Vernazza

Lot of our friends put Vernazza as their favorite of all 5 cities. We expected more because of that. To get picture you see online, you will have to hike – so dress appropriately.

3. Manarola

When you come down to city, walk the clif promenade and have drink at the bar, from where you can see entire city.


4. Riomaggiore

In Riomaggiore starts the famous Via dell’Amore, which is unfortunately closed for a while now, due to horrible accident that occurred there.

This was our favorite city of all 4 Cinque Terre we visited. Don’t miss Riomaggiore beach!

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Thank you! Diano & Maya

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7 thoughts on “We are in color heaven! In love with Cinque Terre

  1. How can a post like this have no likes?? I don’t get enough of the first picture. I could see that in a magazine!
    Have not made it there yet but obviously it’s on our “must go” list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! We don’t advertise ourselves enough, but we are getting there. There is so much information online, you get lost in the crowd 😉 Cinque Terre is amazing place for pictures and hiking – that is for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mycket fin bild! är det sÃ¥där morran skulle se ut som människa? :)jag vet inte hur stina skulle se ut riktigt, men sparulekede i hur min häst skulle vara som person o kom fram till att hon skulle va som sissela kyle. min kompis häst var mer som peter le marc…jag tror stina skulle va lite som en ung version av Lena Nyman..


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